DigiRegs has teamed up with Traffic Reps to represent them in the next step in digital tableting and publisher collaboration. Together we’ve taken monitoring and protecting your content online into a financial opportunity for you and for those you seek to promote your content responsibly. This gives content owners the opportunity to work collaboratively with their publishers and a unique opportunity to create an industry standard for infringement detection without the un necessary use of lawsuits and attorneys.

Together we can push publishers to control their user-generated content by providing them real time alerts and protection from their own users willingness to infringe. While protecting your content we provide a sophisticated detection and ad delivery system built in so that as the content owner you gain access to the millions of users already watching your videos. Along with detection we allow you to set specific video restrictions and advertising rules to apply to videos

Digital Templates
Digital Templating is a technique in which videos are scrubbed and set with unique identifiers that are linked to specific characteristics of a video. Once tagged that unique tag is dropped into a database until we cross reference another identifier we created on the publications end breaking down a multitude of criteria's to find an exact match.
Advertising Model

Labeled videos are then placed through our system to match your business rules based on varying parameters. You as the content owner in our business rules can dictate what actions are taken on an infringing video.

  • A. A video can get replaced with a trailer
  • B. An ad overlay is applied linking back to your site with specific customized text.
  • C. An overlay is applied that is then sold to other advertisers, and provides revenue back to you as the producer.
  • D. The video is blocked and removed.
Real Time Statistics
Be able to monitor the detected videos in real time and the amount of exposure, each video, title, actor/actress, genre, and video length receives. Track the conversions received from each video and then apply that information to your marketing tactics and furthering your contents exposure responsibly.
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