Stop paying ridiculous rates to lawyers and technology firms that don’t understand your business or the service it provides. Act responsibly and protect your website and your future by implementing our revolutionary digital tableting technology.

Our software allows you to stay in compliance with copyright laws while still adding great content, allowing users to submit the content they love, and continue to progressively grow your user base. We offer a low cost solution adopted by many sites around the world which progressively removes content while giving back to the content producer and enticing them to provide you with more quality content.

Through our proprietary ad delivery and reporting system, we not only digitally create a tablet for content, but we help the content producers to understand the content that performs the best on your publication. This in turn allows content producers to understand the content that performs better, draws more users, draws more clicks, and engages the user. Thereby providing your publication with better higher quality content.

Digital Tableting Database
Access to the database of already labeled videos to ensure you are utilizing the best legal content available.
Copyright infringement compliance and protection from lawsuits

Make your site compliance with easy to implement software at minimal costs to you or your operations. At the same time protecting yourself from potential lawsuits.

Ad monetization on tableted and Identified content

Allow identified content to generate you additional revenue, not be a potential liability. Enjoy in additional revenue generated from ads implemented and sold on identified content.

Better Producer relationships
Work with the content producers that have taken the time and creativity to create the content that we all benefit from. Help them engage the consumer and create better content to increase viewership and productivity across your site.
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